Voxel raytracer realtime opencl

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Hi @paulgoux ,

Could you give more details about this? Was it made using Processing (I don’t think so because it’s OpenCL :wink: )? Why are you posting this, do you plan to implement one on your own?

Just sharing something which I enjoyed and stimulated me to code. I’m more of a hobbyist code with a vague objective and I find these videos really great for inspiration even if it isnt in processing.

Well I have part of a working game engine, I’ve been putting things together slowly and yes this is something I would really like to make. I’ve worked with perlin and found some limitations and struggled a bit with the math for the jump to 3d, my last encounter with math was in high school so I’m a bit rusty and I dont handle proofs very well…

Anyways if its something you dont mind seeing more of here and there, I wont flood the forum with videos but on occasion I do stumble upon little gems, perhaps I might be overating my opinion :smiley:

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No sorry, my message wasn’t clear enough! :wink:

Of course that’s I wanted to know and you are very welcome to post what you found on the internet. Just wanted to know more context about what you learned and why you were posting this.

By the way you might want to look at ray marching which is an algorithm like ray tracing to render 3d scenes :

The nice thing about this is that you can do it in real time on the GPU with shaders in GLSL :yum:

I found it more easy than ray tracing to implement :wink:

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