Processing Python mode skipping error messages and running bad code

I’m noticing that processing in Python mode is not returning a lot of errors to the console. For instance this:

def draw():
    number = 12
    for i in 10/number:
        print("this should be an error?")

should give me an error message that says:
TypeError: ‘float’ (or ‘int’) object is not iterable

Instead nothing prints and the program still runs. This is happening with a lot of my code and making processing basically unusable. Any ideas of what could be going on?

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hi @GoToLoop

I don’t understand your post. Yes this is what it is supposed to do. It is not working this way on my computer.

Just reporting that on my system (64-bit P3.5.4 on a Win8.1 desktop) it behaves as it should.

If you’re using Processing beta versions, I hope you learn not to trust them anymore.

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I’m assuming that you’re using Processing 4.x beta? I’d recommend Processing 3.5.4 for now (especially for Python Mode).

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Ah ok I get it. Thanks!