Unable to view errors in Processing 3.5.4 IDE on Mac OS Monterey 12.4

When using Processing in Python Mode I am not able to see any errors in the console. I can run sketches, but if I purposefully type in something with a syntax error (just the word “hello” for example) I don’t get any warnings and the sketch just opens a window. How can I get errors to show up? Is it possible to use this IDE on this version of Mac?

Welcome, @panic8681

For Python Mode, use Processing 3.5.4

Yes that is what I am using. I updated the title to reflect that.

Did you type “hello”, including the quotes, into the console? That is a valid expression, and does not constitute a SyntaxError.

no I typed it without quotes. I also typed circle(0,) and got nothing.

Yes, indeed, something is wrong.

hello without quotes should raise a NameError, unless you define it prior to trying to access its value.

circle(0,) would raise a TypeError if you call it from a scope where it is recognized as a Processing.py function, since it is missing two positional arguments.

Therefore, since you did not see any error messages, there must be a bug in your installed Processing software. Maintainers of Processing will need to provide us with some insight regarding a remedy for this problem. Hopefully, they are reading this.