Processing OpenGL issue under Linux

There seems to be a general issue with OpenGL at least since 3.5.4. under Linux. There are different threads for this and they stay mostly unresolved.
I have the same issue and cannot use 3D in Processing after updating to Processing 4, although it worked fine in the past.

Based on what I have seen, the issue has to do with a wrong entry in in jogl-all.jar, so something the developers have to address.

This was stated already in this thread but there was no response:

Any chances, that will be addressed ?

Previous reports:

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Hi Divitiacus, a developer of JOGL told me that the problem will be fixed in the next release, even if there is a workaround (present in your first link) but I didn’t manage to solve.

I guess that, Processing developer can fix this already, otherwise I hope that when the fixed version of JOGL will be released, that will be implemented in a new Processing update.


Thanks for the info.

And how many more years is that going to be?! :laughing: There hasn’t been an official release of JOGL for 8 years as far as I know, just a bunch of broken promises.

Well, I nuked my beta channel chromebook and started fresh without beta and it was working great for a few months. I just got another chromebook update and it’s broken again. I give up. The chromebook is nice, but they keep breaking it. I read about people who still have windowsXP and they stay off the internet and abandoned updates long ago. That seems like the only way to protect something that works.