Processing never remembers where the SDK is located

OS : Ubunutu 22.04
Processing Android works fine, but I’m annoyed by a small problem : each time I re-open it, Processing asks me to download the SDK again, or to locate it.
Both works, but why is that happening ? Can’t processing store the link to the SDK, or can’t the OS know it by itself ? I read a few posts dealing with this issue and some say that the workaroud is to install the whole android studio. It seems a little extreme !



Try to add SDK path to your preferences.txt

No you don’t have to install Android Studio you need just SDK to downloaded

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thank you ! That’s odd : I saw it, but I didn’t notice it was a wrong path ! Now it works okay.
For my defense : I have covid this week, I guss my mind doesn’t work very straight !

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