My mobile phone doesn't appear in Android device menu

Hi folks,
I instlled the android sdk successfully. But, when I click on android/device menu the box is empty. I’m using a samsung A53 device. I have also updated the samsung usb drivers for windows 11.
When I connect the mobile phone to the laptop it is recognised and I can access to device (internal and external memory)
The same mobile phone is normally recognised by android studio (installed on another PC).
The other strange thing is the request from Processing of the location of the Android SDK, every run!
I see from other disussion the followqing sugegstion: add the sdk path to the requirements.txt file. Where is it located that file?

thanks for help.

Turn on usb debugging on your device.

Step 1 :Unlock your phone and go to Settings.

Step 2 : Under Settings, scroll down and open About phone.

Step 3 : Under About phone, find Build Number and tap multi times on it.

You will get a message on your screen that “you are now a developer”. Then you have successfully enabled developer option on your Phone.

Step 4: Select on the Back button and you will see the Developer options menu under System, and select Developer options.

Step 5: Slide the “USB debugging” button to “On” and you’re ready to use your device with developer tools.

Step 6: After finished all these steps, you will see a messages “Allow USB Debugging” for allow a connection, click OK.

Dear Jafal, thanks a lot for the detailed description. I forgot to mention that the Developer options and usb debugging mode was already enabled. I triede to remove the developer options and enable again and now it seems to work. thanks again for your supporto PJ