Which folder do I need to set SDK for Processing?

I want to write mobile app in processing, but for that it demands to install sdk.
I installed Android Studio and now I can’t set it when processing asks me to set sdk manually either automatically. If manually than what exact folder do I need to choose?
Thanks so far.
Windows 10 64

On a Mac it’s at Library/Android/sdk/platforms

Oh I forgot point that using Windows 10 64

For windows


Hello @Laaz,

Make sure you have the correct SDK installed:


Open Android Studio and click on More Actions:

Open SDK Manager and it will tell you where you installed the SDK.

On my PC it is where I chose to install it:


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it returned “bad news” and then “android sdk couldn’t be loaded” unluck(((

Make sure you installed correct SDK version

I tried this Android mode hangs on Android SDK notification - #23 by noel

I can fix the issue by installing SDK 33 and command line tools using Andorid Stuido. Here is up-to-date solution;