Processing needs 5 minutes to start

I am trying to install the latest version of processing on school computers (Windows 10).
The first start was smooth, I installed the p5.js module and everything worked fine.
But after closing the application and trying to start it again the start screen appears instantly, shows for ca. 2 minutes and disappears again. I thought something went wrong, but after another 3 minutes the application starts and works fine. But 5 minutes are really long for an application to start. Since the start screen disappears in between, one really thinks that the application will not start.
At my 8 year old home computer processing starts at once. So I am looking for a reason for the slow start at the school computers and how to solve it.
Did anyone have the same problem? What happens in the initialization process that could take so long?
Thank you in advance for your help,

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a fresh start without download/unzip

is possible by deleting directory

C:\Users\ < USER > \AppData\Roaming\Processing

after that, processing restart

  • create that directory again,
  • also make a
    C:\Users\ < USER > \Documents\Processing
    directory “sketchbook”
    if you not changed that ok, if you used other path, change via preferences again
    ( to your sketch / libraries / mode )
  • anyhow processing should restart in JAVA mode again.

if the p5.js mode is a problem on a school computer you must ask your IT Manager.

my very old info what could cause start-delay for processing was number of system type / font files… /./ no idea if that is still valid,
and yes, it can be slow, but not that bad…
processing 3.5.3 on my Raspberry Pi ( 3B+) starts in 45sec.

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