Processing.js vs p5.js

Sorry if this was already discussed here (I didn’t find any reference to it though), but I really miss the now stalled processing.js project.

The main reason being that it was more compatible with the processing language (java) than p5.js. You could use exactly the same code as in processing/java (for example variable types like float, int, etc…). So you could just use existing sketches without any modification (or very few).

In p5.js, you have to use javascript, and so convert all your project to a new syntax (var, function…). It can be a very long process, not talking about maintaining two versions of the same project, one for standalone in java, one for web in javascript…

(And also, I really do not like javascript, but this is another story…)

Any hint or workaround on this issue ?

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The most obvious approach right now is to continue using processing.js. It still works – it is just no longer being developed since 2017.

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