Processing, P5*js, the Web and Apps

I have been away for several years, and the landscape seems to have changed a lot! I write to clarify and verify some information.

I used to make Processing sketches and post them on the Web with processing.js.

Is it the case that this is no longer possible and that there is NO way to place Processing sketches on the web anymore? (This is what I have read in one posting.)

Does the development of P5*js mean that Processing is no longer being supported and developed?

Is it possible using P5*js to create apps, as it was in Processing, to run on a computer not solely on the Web?

Thanks for any help with these questions!

Welcome @GeorgeRoland

The Processing IDE (Java version) remains actively developed. Processing.js is no longer actively maintained or recommended, but the last release (v1.6.6) still works; you can use this like you might have in December 2018 (when development ceased).

You can run p5.js by downloading the JS library to your computer. You link this to an HTML file and write the code in whatever editor you prefer (Atom, Brackets, etc.). I haven’t tried, but I imagine that you can convert your local (HTML, JS, etc.) files to a native app using something like Electron.

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Even though it isn’t developed anymore we can still deploy our sketches to the web via the Pjs library.

For example on My Sketch - OpenProcessing at its right panel we can switch to Mode Pjs.

And on the link below we have 4 instances of a sketch, 2 using p5js & 2 using Pjs:

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