Convert p5.js to Processing

Is there any easy way to convert p5.js code to processing (java)?

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Ok it looks like I need to know some of both languages to work efficiently between the two

JavaScript is Java on the web. It means both languages got a lot in common! :coffee:
Even though you wanna go back to “offline” Java, it shouldn’t be that difficult at all: :innocent:

Just take a look at my Reddit post and compare how the same sketches are written in Java & JS syntaxes. :grinning:


I have found that this is true! But I have - as it is very easy to - gotten used to the whole var/auto data type

JavaScript and Java are actually completely different languages. The name JavaScript was chosen to ride the coattails of Java’s success.

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Do you know any additional guide/tutorials other than the Processing-transition wiki page? It seems there are several tools at GitHub to experiment automated conversion on java-processing to p5.js code but not the opposite.
Do you know by chance any sketch examples exposing both language code, in order to study/compare the differences?

Haven’t you taken a look at my Reddit link from my 1st reply for this topic btW? :see_no_evil:

Anyways, I’ve got quite some more Java + p5js sketches for you to compare both syntax flavors: :icecream:


wow… it seems I have missed this obvious post… But It is nice to see those examples as headlines here. Very Hard to miss them now… thanks!