Converting Processing Sketch found on OpenProcessing

Forgive me as perhaps it’s been a while but I was exploring sketches on OpenProcessing, like this one, and I found that they were written in a slightly different language.

What’s going on here? I thoughy all Processing was Processing? Is this a new version?

Can you convert between the two?

This looks like P5.js

Explore the menus along the top of this page:


This is written in p5 the JavaScript counterpart to processing, you can convert between the two, however processing makes use of java data structures as opposed to JavaScript data structures and is strongly typed.

Very interesting thank you for sharing.

How can you convert from p5 to Processing 3?

learn | p5.js < Look for p5.js and Processing


Sweet, yet another language to learn…

It’s so nice when everything works together. Like the Processing and Arduino IDE. No need to memorize where the semicolon goes in 5 different languages in 5 different places.