Processing Community Day @ New York

Great idea!

Would people in the community be interested in meeting up in person to plan? Sometime in mid-August? I think getting us together in a room might help cohere things! I’m pretty flexible on dates and spaces, and can probably host us around Union square if that helps.

I recently used Processing to create an animated map of USA weapons exports from 1950-2017, and it kind of went viral! Received 4 million views across social media in just one week. I’d be happy to present the project at Processing Community Day and talk about Processing for visualizing geographic data, if there’s interest. Here it is:


Very cool. That’s the kind of thing I think people would be interested in.

Hi Everyone!

I’m Rebecca + I want to help out / get involved in any way I can. I was at PCD at MIT last year photographing. Reading through the thread I should mention that I graduated from ITP in 2017 so I still know some folks over there. Would love to meet up and chat irl w/ y’all soon.

Looking forward - this is gonna be so rad!


Hi everyone, Babycastles has offered the use of their space for a first meeting, to be held Sunday September 9 at 5pm. This will be a chance for us to meet each other, figure out mutual goals, and what and how we want to plan our Processing Community Day New York to be held in January or February. We will have more meetings, so if this doesn’t work, we will figure out a way to share our meeting notes and get feedback from a larger community.

145 W.14th St.
Downstairs, Ring Doorbell
NY, NY 10011

Sunday the 9th works for me! Thanks for setting this up Lee.

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I would love to see Will :point_up:️present! I can vouch that he’s a really good speaker: he presented at my Transit Techies Meetup a few months ago and people loved his transit visualization tool.

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Facebook event page here

Looking forward to meeting new friends Sunday

Unfortunately I’m unable to make it this Sunday (am out of the country) but would please like to stay involved and help out!

Sorry to have missed this! I’m going to try to attend future organizing meetings.

Did any next steps come out of this meeting?

Here are our meeting notes!

Sorry to have missed this. I was on a trip (or catching up afterwards) to Oxford, UK, giving a talk on using programming in Processing or JavaScript to produce directions for origami. Please let me know about the next meetings.

Hi everyone, we are confirmed for our next meeting Sunday September 30, 6pm at: NYU’s ITP. Thanks to Cassie for setting this up!

Tisch School of the Arts
New York University
721 Broadway
left elevators to the 4th Floor
New York NY 10003
You must check in at the first floor desk and say you are going to the Processing Community Day meeting at ITP

This will be an important meeting. Please attend if you can.

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I’m Rushali, graduated from ITP, currently a research resident there.
Would love to participate in any way I can. Also organizing the community day in Bangalore, India.


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Hello all, we are moving along! Our second meeting went well and we are working on many things: website, sponsorship, code of conduct, logistics, programming/events, and confirmed our venue and date. Our next meeting is Oct 14, 6pm, at NYU’s ITP (at Tisch, 4th floor). FYI Our group primarily communicates internally through a Slack channel we’ve set up.

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Hello, Where/How can we join the slack channel?

I believe someone in the group has to send you an invite for Slack. Feel free to DM me your email.

hello! i’ve missed the first couple meetings but i was wondering if you could still use more help organizing? hoping to come to the meeting this weekend! i am pretty new to processing (i took a class using p5 this summer) but i think i’d be good at helping out with more non-technical aspects. i also go to school at barnard. anyway i don’t think i can send messages yet because i just made my account, but yeah i’d love to help out!

Sure! See you at the meeting / 5pm at NYU Tisch, ITP 4th floor tonight.

Hi peeps,
The deadline for open call for submissions for Processing Community Day is this Friday. December 13. Please take a look at We also recorded a Google Hangout where we went over questions one might have about submitting an application - Reach out if you have questions.

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