Processing Community Day @ The Netherlands


Hi all, this is Sabrina co-founder of Creative Coding Amsterdam :wave:

Let’s start a dialogue for people interested in co-organizing or in other ways participating in creating a (or multiple) Processing Community Day(s) in the Netherlands!

PCD @ Worldwide

Hi! Thanks Sabrina for starting this!

I will be helping Creative Coding Utrecht with organising Processing Community Day in Utrecht!
Happy to help Amsterdam as well :grinning: and any other city in the Netherlands!


Hi, I’m Jakub and I live in Groningen. You can find me mostly on GitHub, squashing bugs and writing code for Processing core and editor.

Please let me know if there is something I can help with in Amsterdam or Utrecht!


Hi Jakub, nice to meet you & would love to meet you at one of the Processing Community Day events!

You are most definitely more than welcome to help :slight_smile: I think we’ve established we’ll have two Processing Community Day events up to now, one in Amsterdam and one in Utrecht. I think Utrecht set a date, could you confirm @Saskia? We still have to set a date for Amsterdam - probably a weekend day?

We have no concrete plans for Amsterdam yet, except Simon Tiger visiting :slight_smile: Maybe you too are interested to some insights in the stuff you’re doing (e.g. squashing Processing core bugs) at the event? All ideas are welcome.

Feel free to drop us an e-mail too at


Hi Jakub! Great if you can help out!

Utrecht date: Saturday 26 January
Place: SensorLab Utrecht

We could do 2 February in Amsterdam? If we find a place?


I am Doeke and live in Arnhem.
I would like to do a talk about a GUI library that I’m making. Saturday 26 January won’t be possible for me as it seems now. So maybe Amsterdam then.


Hi Doeke!

That sounds great, would February 2nd work?
Will keep this thread updated on the final decided date :+1:


As for now it seems that works!


Hi everyone!

I’m Jakob, live in Amsterdam and am ready to help any community day run as smooth and be as lovely as possible :slight_smile:


Thanks, it looks like I will have time both weekends, please keep me in the loop. I will be happy to see you all! :slight_smile:

I will give it some though and let you know if I have something interesting to share, @SabrinaVerhage.


Something changed and Saturday 26 January is possible now for me as well.


Hi all! Thanks for joining here!

It would be great if people could show some work, or tips, or tools, or whatever fun.

I was thinking myself as well to have some discussions, panels or presentations about a few topics like:

  • The creative coding community in The Netherlands, how we could make this stronger, how to help each other. Local meetups.
  • Code & Education
  • Diversity in the Netherlands

Please let me know if someone have more thoughts about what they would like to see (and also beyond demo’s and presentations of work) :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I am Giovanni, I am based in Amsterdam and I work with visual and generative arts, and I do a massive use of Processing, also for live coding. I also would like to give my contribute either in Amsterdam or Utrecht, so if there is anything I can do, please let me know!