Processing Community Day @ Montréal, Canada


Hi everyone! I’m Guillaume Pelletier-Auger and I’m organizing the Processing Community Day in Montréal. This forum thread could be a good place to talk for anyone interested in helping to organize, or for anyone who wants to make a presentation at the event, or a workshop, or a performance. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions or talk about any ideas, etc.

Bonjour tout le monde! Je suis Guillaume Pelletier-Auger et j’organise le Processing Community Day à Montréal. Je me suis dit que cette section du forum pourrait être une bonne place pour discuter de l’organisation de l’évènement. J’imagine que la conversation se déroulera surtout en anglais, mais n’hésitez pas à me parler en français si vous préférez.


Bonjour Guillaume,

Je vais suive ce forum pour mieux connaitre l’événement que tu organise.


Thanks for organizing this, great idea on the forum.


I’m excited to learn more! I’m based in Burlington VT, and hope to travel up to MTL with some fellow artists for a day of learning and making. I’m particularly interested in using processing for aquaponics, interactive music artwork, and data visualization in VR.


It sound interesting , I’m curious do you have some of your work available in the Internet?


Thanks Guillaume for organizing, I’m really looking forward to this!
I can help a little with the organizing, and would be happy about giving a talk or a workshop on how I use Processing. If there’s any aspect of my work people want to learn more about, please don’t hesitate to let me know.
I realize my message yesterday a bit brief, so I’ll introduce myself a bit:
My name is Tyler, I studied neuroscience at university, but about a year ago I started my own data visualization studio. I’ve been use processing for roughly 6 years with increasing intensity, to the point where now I use it almost every day. I started using it as a tool for visualizing my research data, moved on using it as a tool for SciArt and Datavis-motion design.
My website has never been fully polished - but it’ll give people a sense of what I do.
Otherwise, check out my YouTube channel for where a good portion of my Processing work ends up:

Looking forward to learn more about what others are up to!
(also feel free to write me in French, it’s just that my keyboard can’t handle it)


That all sounds interesting, but especially the dataviz in VR.
Would be thrilled to learn more about how to get Processing working nicely with VR. Tried unsuccessfully with some Processing packages, resorted to using Unity or manually doing fisheye or equirectangular calculations in my sketches.


So I have some good news, I’ve asked around and Desjardins Lab is generously willing to host the event. We should really decide on a day ASAP, if not done already.


Oh, meanwhile I had just started a conversation with a Concordia University student who had generously offered to help organize the event at Concordia. I just invited him to the forum thread, hopefully we can all get a conversation going.

What do you think, Tyler? I don’t know anything about Desjardins Lab. Can you tell us a little bit about it? About how it would fit for PCD? I feel like PCD would be very well suited for a university setting like Concordia.The first PCD took place at MIT, the “main” PCD for 2019 will be at UCLA.

Are Desjardins Lab asking for a quick response? What did they tell you exactly?

Also if anyone else wants to chime in the conversation, please do so!


They haven’t asked specifically for a quick response, just looking to know a date. Since they were so quick about getting back to me, and generous in offering the space, as I courtesy I want to let them know as soon as we can.

I don’t have a strong opinion one way or another, I think it will depend on the size of space, etc. I know that Desjardins lab is used by VisMTL occasionally, The lab itself is an innovation hub, with informatics and 3d printing, but it seems like a nice place for a large group.
There are some pictures of the space here.

A university could be a good place, but really depends on the kind of room available. A lecture hall or classroom won’t be ideal for socializing after - but could work very well for a workshop.