Processing Community Day @ Australia/New Zealand

Hiya, my name’s Mel and we will be organising a collaborative Processing Community Day for Australia/New Zealand on Feb 3.

There are currently 3 locations/organisers currently confirmed:

  • Melbourne(Mel)
  • Brisbane(David)
  • Wellington(Birgit)

Following some back and forth emails, we have brainstormed:

  • A live stream(events are different but would be nice to connect via stream)
  • A combined project based challenge for the day(as a prompt for ideas)
  • A mini show and tell at the end of the day to see what people have created
  • All participation levels in a combined focus: Solving Sol, open source repos, programming posters, hello.processing, riastroes
  • Eventbrite profile set up

Our next meeting will be a conference call on Jan 8th.

If you’re interested in volunteering, presenting or have ideas on what you’d like to see at these Processing Community Days across Australia and New Zealand - reply below!

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