Processing book

Hi guys! I’m looking for a book to learn better the processing programming language what book do you recommend? I’m searching for a book written in italian but if there’s also a good book where i can study i’m happy anyway

I recommend checking the CodingTrain YouTube channel by Daniel Shiffman. A lot of people got their start from watching these videos as well as his Nature of Code book.

There are also lots of good books on the processing shop page.

I’d say “Processing: a programming handbook 2nd edition by Reas and Fry” would be a great book to start. It contains tons of examples and creative ideas. It’s an awesome book!
But it might be a bit expensive. So as @WakeMeAtThree poinnted out, it might be better to use Daniel Shiffman’s videos (though I have not used them personally. I’m more of a book-person).