Set of reference material for Processing(Python mode) programming

I am an artist/computer programmer but new to Processing and currently using Processing(Python mode). Have created various samples of visuals, moving image and sound.

I am using the following set of online reference material which I find very useful:

Just wondering if you can recommend other online material on Processing(Python mode) that I could add to the above reference list… as I continue to build more techniques gradually…

Much thanks for any info/tips/advice.

It’s a work in progress, but seven ‘chapters’ in already:


Thank you for this @tabreturn

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You may already have checked out Allison Parrish’s book, but it is a highly recommended “getting started”


I should really try and document better the stuff I use in my classes…

I throw some snipets at (and on other messy github repos)

Check Shiffman´s Nature of Code porting in progress: