[Processing 3] Mac OS Catalina audio signal

Hello to all,

I’m trying to get the audio signal from my computer, I’m using the example sketch which is present in the example of the audio library but nothing happens.
Digging into Google maybe I found a solution but I can’t make it work. Basically, the processing app does not have access to read the audio microphone and no popup is displayed to guarantee access, has someone encountered the same problem and somehow managed to make everything work?

thank you

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Which processing version do you use? I was asked to allow it with the newest version:

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I just downloaded the latest version anche i can’t see the app in this panel…

Same here.

Just silently fails, no popup and no way to add it manually. Will google to see if there’s a command line or file somewhere I can edit to add it.

Oooh look here . It might have something to do with SIP being disabled.
Ugh. Need to re-enable it and then try again, then disable it again.