AudioIn not working on mac

Hello, I’m having some trouble with getting the minim audio input to work.

first i tried following this youtube tutorial

then i tried using the example code on

neither worked, but i was able to use the loadfile method of getting audio into processing, so at least that works.

I was wondering is this a known issue that needs fixing or am i doing something wrong with my routing settings as im using a mac on catalina.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m really looking forward to making my first visualiser!

I also tried the following

but again nothing happens when i play a song through my itunes

i tested and it doesn’t work here too (macos big sur 11.3)
i guess it s because processing is not allowed in privacy policy, access microphone.
but i ve no idea how to add it as permission is not asked…

I think so too. Did anyone find a solution for this yet?