Give Mic access to Processing Sketch (Mac Catalina)

I/m looking for a way to give my sketch access to my mic in Mac Catalina. I know you can manage your mic access in the System Preferences, but I can’t manually add apps.

I already found this link: macOS Mojave and Catalina TCC trigger where they talk about Processing not asking for permission (mic and cam) when needed, but after reading everything 6 times I have NO idea what they are talking about. It seems like they offer a work-around, but I’m really not sure how or where to implement.

So, in short: does anyone know a way to give my Processing Sketch access to my mic in Mac OS Catalina. And better: if I export to an application, will this then ask other users to give access to their mic?

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I’ve created an issue on Github, so the developer can change the code to properly trigger a TCC message. You can help by upvoting the issue here:

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It looks like there is a proposed signing solution for Catalina microphone access on issue 51, but it isn’t resolved yet.

Were you guys able to find a solution to this? My mic still isn’t working on Catalina with the Sound Library. (I’m using python mode)

Hey Joe,

I didn’t look back at this, since I never got an answer. I just now tried the comment of chi11i in the Github thread linked above, and that does give me the mic popup for the audioInput example in Processing!

Not sure about Python mode, but this was at least the first time for me I actually got an app running again WITH mic in Catalina.

Edit: The ‘solution’ is just opening Processing from Terminal, and then open a sketch with sound input. My own Sketch didn’t work, but the example provided with Processing did give me a pop-up.

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