Privacy - Misleading text in preferences

The Processing preferences allows the user to allow/disallow update checking.

However, ticking the box allows not only allows update checking, but also sends information on installed libraries, modes, and tools.

Although this is mentioned in the FAQ (no link is provided) it seems odd, not to give the user an extra check box with the text “allow sending information on installed libraries, modes and tools”.

Am I the only one that finds this a bit odd?

Also, I find it better that the default was not to send the information - but since that’s probably not goint to be changed - I think, the users ought to be told precisely what the check box means.

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This is the FAQ that you reference:

Not be be confused with the Processing forum FAQ:


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That is indeed the FAQ.

Looking at my post I see it isn’t entirely clear that the “Allow update checking (see FAQ for information shared”) is a screenshot from preferences dialog of Processing.

A user needs to do a little digging in order to find the right place.

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This is a good topic and I just added to it.
I like references for context and did some digging.

I even explored and cleaned up my W10 firewall settings.