Download Modules through proxy with password


I’m working behind a company proxy with user and password. Customizing preferences.txt does’nt help because I cannot set user and password. Without appropriate proxy settings I cannot install any modules. I didn’t find any helpful answers neither in the web nor here.

For programs like python it helps to set http_proxy with user and pass but for processing I don’t know how to solve this.

Thank you in advance.

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sorry / i might have a different idea,
so you not install on that company PC,

  • install at home to USB stick
    • and setup also your sketchbook path to the stick,
    • update modes and libs ( will be at the sketchbook path too )

and try to run it on the company computer
( but possibly USB is blocked too ?)


Ok, good idea. USB works and since there is no real “installation” i.e. all modules are in the subdirectories, this solution should work (even if proxy support would be better):

Thank you.

hope you got lucky,
still want you to know:
there is at first start a install:
( here on win7 PC )

c:\Users\ < user > \AppData\Roaming\Processing\

see also IDE / File / Preferences

and lots of garbage i only know to clean manually as usual tools not see it, at

c:\Users\ < user > \AppData\Local\Temp\

I believe that you can configure proxy settings for Contributions manager as per the answer here (comments says it also works on Processing 3)

The solution is given in this document: https:Processing’s default settings

The proxy settings for Processing (the application itself) can be set in the file Users -> [username] -> AppData -> Roaming -> Processing -> preferences.txt (Windows 7 and higher) You have to add the values for the keys and proxy.port .

as a historical note, looks like these proxy preferences were first added in Processing 2:

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Well the proxy settings are not complete since one can not enter username and password for protected proxies. This is my problem.

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Looks like this is already listed as a help-wanted enhancement by the devs.

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Ok, so I wait until it’s eventually implemented.

You’d better hope there’s not a PAC file involved too! Then things get really interesting to support from Java. Why on earth all this is not done on an OS level! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, if it is important to you then you might want to work on it, or put up a bounty or hire a developer to contribute it. “Help wanted” in the Processing repo often means the core developers have no schedule to work on that feature – ever – but are open to someone else helping to add it.

This makes some sense – they are a small team with a big request workload, and as far as they know very few of their users have authenticated proxies.