Preferences are reset every time when I open Processing

I’m in Windows 10. Every time I open Processing, all the Settings in the preferences are reset. Has anyone ever seen this before? How should I deal with it?

Which version of Processing are you using?

Thank you for your reply. The version I use is Processing-4.0.

I had a similar problem using 4.0b8 under Lubuntu Linux. The preferences.txt file would not always be written to when I changed an option and clicked on “Ok”. The first thing that solved it was to open an example in a new window, change the preferences there and save the change. That seemed to fix the problem for the most part. Otherwise, I closed Processing and hand edited the preference.txt file. That always worked.

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Thank you for your answer. I tried to modify the preferences in the sample program and save it, but failed. Fortunately, I succeeded after modifying the preferences in the TXT file you said, thank you!