Please Introduce Yourself


I’m Arad from Israel.
I am programming for about 4 years now, and I am having lots of fun doing it!
I think processing is a great environment for programming some beautiful stuff, and I use it on everyday basis.


I’m Max Müller. I come from germany and am currently studying electrical engineering. I started with Processing in 10th grade in school to make simple 2d shooters (which I imediatly didn’t no do but rather I made a 3d fps :stuck_out_tongue:). I came here mainly to have some second thoughts on my problems with my projects and I like to solve other peoples problems (as long as I can do it in <10min) as sort of a challenge.


Hi, I’m Eric Schulz, I teach middle school math. I have been learning how to use Processing over the last couple years and have been able to introduce students to basics in class and after school. I am also learning Arduino and have enjoyed putting the two programs together.


Hi everyone!! I am super late on Introducing myself. My name Daniel, one of the moderators here on the forum. I also volunteer and teach web development fundamentals to kids and teens in my area. To sum things up, I wish my school used Processing when i was first introduced to programming in 2006. Maybe I would not have changed my major from CS to Communications LOL.

In any event, i’m glad to be exploring and playing around with Processing, which has brought out my curiosity of programming again :grinning:


Hi everyone. My name is Anthony. I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Interactive Audio from SAE Expression College. I was introduced to Processing during my studies and it ended up serving as the backbone for many of my projects. I began doing live lighting/visuals while I was going to school so naturally my focus turned towards the visual aspect of audiovisual. More specifically, creating a stronger relationship between the performer’s movement and the variety of visual media involved with a live performance (lights, lasers, projections, etc.).

I’ve been on hiatus for the past couple years and I’m finally diving back into wonderful and twisted world of generative art. Happy to see such a vibrant and supportive community. I hope to contribute to it.


Hi my name is Lovell from Kenya a freshman in University studying Business Information Technology, I am simply fascinated by the simplicity of the processing framework and how it easily integrates with other systems therefore enabling you to do more with less code.


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Hello Processing community! I used to teach math, and I’m now a stay-at-home dad. I enjoy programming as a hobby, though I’ve always felt like a beginner at it. I usually explore mathematical ideas with a former colleague using Python, and I’ve used JavaScript a few times to create webpages. The latter are usually for my kids to play with (and probably always involve some math content as well). Just recently I discovered p5.js, which seems like a much easier way to create the sorts of webpages I was making and which looks like a whole lot of fun to play with! I was especially motivated to spend more time on p5.js after watching the video of a talk given by @lmccart at the OpenVis conference a few years ago. Very inspiring!


Good Afternoon,
I am older and yet immature in my coding ability. I am working on several projects and am learning at the same time. I volunteer at, a non-profit maker space in Coeur dAlened Idaho. I am primarily working with arduino and working my way through trying to display acceleration, and eventually velocity and orientation from a 6DOF MPU 6050. Next is to transmit the data from a mobile arduino via a Bluetooth connection to another arduino.


Hello guys. Totally new to Processing. Actually using it to learn how to communicate arduino to PC. Now I’m stuck and came here to learn from you guys.


HI everyone! My name is Neeraj, I am from India and currently I am an undergraduate CS student. From past one year I am into Android and recently learned MERN stack and now looking to contribute in open source projects.


I’m Espen
I am a nurse who is self tought in processing. Started using it in 2014 or 2015 I think. Joined the forum aproxemately at that time as well. I love the community of processing, which is the main reason I keep programming.


I’m Robert and I am using Arduino as the tool for controlling my model railroad. I came across Processing out of curiosity and I find it very interesting for my projects.


Hi! I’m José Moya from Spain. I discovered processing five years ago, when MediaLab-Prado offered to receive processing sketches to be displayed in a big wall in Madrid.
Some years later, looking for a way to code processing inside Android, I discovered APDE.
I am interested in:


Hello People:)
I am well someone from Europe who got into processing just recently. As i also do not really have any experience with programming i feel kind of nooby around here :). I generally prefer text smileys over these :slight_smile:. Though i looked up some stuff in the former forum so far i now registered here to post my first question…edit: that i actually won’ t ask. Happens a lot to me. edit reason: …i said something wrong…


Hello! I’ve been programming in Java for a while now and have been looking for an efficient, fully featured graphics and GUI library, and processing looks like just the thing.


Hi everyone!

I just finished studying to become an architect this summer. I’ve always been interested in learning to write code but have never committed to one language. I have begun my journey into Processing/Java now and am really enjoying it.

See you around!


My name is Yann, I’m an amateur musician. I’ve been using Processing since the alpha version but never got good at it because I tend to code for a few months, then focus on some other project that doesn’t involve coding so I forget what I’ve learnt, I’m always beginning again :slight_smile:
Currently I’m working on a sequencer project for my modular synth using a couple of DAC’s and Processing on a Raspberry Pi. I have MANY ideas involving the Pi and the modular, I have to make my coding skills good enough :slight_smile:
If you’re curious about my music you can check some here:



Hello! I’m Kirk. I’ve been coding toys, games, and infographics in Processing and P5 since 2004. You can see a portfolio of fun stuff at


Hi, i‘m Lexyth.
I‘ve been using Processing for almost a year now and i‘m currently trying to write a Tool for it, to make the auto-complete function a bit more detailled.