Wall monitor for SVG collage project

Hello Florian,
I wondered if you could help me - I’ve written a program for a collage machine using SVG’s (on an old MacBook Pro) and I want to stick a monitor on the wall with a small computer behind - how can I know what is the smallest computer I could use ?
Would it be a Mac mini and what year would do - or is there something smaller that can handle the graphics ?

Many thanks if you could reply,


@Turnbuckle2 how about

  • a RPI 3B+
  • a HDMI cable
  • a TV with HDMI port

Hey, this is the wrong place to ask this kind of question. This topic is about introductions.

Sorry about that, I’ve only just signed up - will try to do it correctly !

Thank you for that - I’ll give it a go - and let you know if it works !


I have seem computers of the size of raspberry-pi so there are few options in the market if you are looking for something that small. A raspberry-pi could do it as I have seen raspberry-pi units running live dashboards. Don’t be surprise if they show some lagging in case the animations are complex.


@Turnbuckle2 No worries:-) it takes some time to get used to some of the features on this site. Best of luck on your project and let us know if you need any more assistance.