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What’s happening with Processing in your local community? Are you offering a workshop or a class? Is there an exhibition opportunity or an open call for a fellowship or scholarship? Are you looking for a collaborator? Do you have a job opportunity? Please share here.


I am a big fan of Processing. My background is mathematics at the University of Chicago, work as a professional programmer, PhD at New York University, research in robotics and manufacturing at IBM Research, other positions at IBM, then academia, now at Purchase College/State University of New York. Please visit


At Purchase, we have a combined mathematics/computer science degree. We are pleased with the results from starting off with Processing, both for the majors and others who take the Computer Science 1 course. I am officially retired. However, I am teaching one section of our CS I class this semester. In the Spring, I will teach a new, general education mathematics class on origami.

My promotion of Processing is demonstrated by the publication of my book, Programming 101 (Apress Publishers chose the title). Please go to https://www.apress.com/br/book/9781484236963

Each chapter has a short section entitled Under the Covers , written in response to a friend who complained that students learning Processing did not know what was going on.

I look forward to participating in this community.


hello I’m new to the community and starting to learn all i can about processing.