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Hi everyone! I’m Guillaume Pelletier-Auger and I will be organizing the PCD in Montréal, Canada. I’m an animation filmmaker and artist. I’ve been using p5.js in my work for about three years now. I’m very enthusiastic about organizing the event in my hometown.

Thank you for the Organizer’s kit, it’s really helpful! I have one problem with it, though: the link to the Promo Package doesn’t work for me. It’s blue and underlined but I can’t click it. Is it just me? I tried googling to find the package by myself but couldn’t find it.


I would like to get the source of the PCD @ worldwide’s logo which is designed by Yuehao Jiang, as the link printed on the toolkit is not clickable. PCD @ Aarhus would like to modify it to customize our location.


Winnie / PCD @ Aarhus, Denmark


Hello folks, I’m going to do a PCD @ Minneapolis, MN at MCAD. seeking feedback and input! Will be branching out more once I get intouch with the main Processing organizer folks!


Is there a calendar and map showing all the PCDs happening in the near future?



Hi Winnie, sorry about the confusion! We are working on updating the kit asap. Here’s the promo package folder. We’d love to get a copy of your modified image if possible. Thanks!


Hi Kf! We have the map here. I believe most nodes are still working on finalizing their dates.


Hi Guillaume, I’m so glad to hear that it’s helpful. And sorry about the confusion -here’s the promo package folder.


Hello! My name is June-Hao Hou, Associate Professor in Digital Media and Production Environment, currently teaching in National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan. I would like to organize PCD @ NCTU mainly for the university community and also for enthusiasts in Hsinchu area.

NCTU has recently renovated a building and turned it into a university-wide co-working space and it’s a fantastic place to host PCD event with the creative communities in the campus.

Hope to see more PCD events around in Taiwan!


Hi folks, I’m Dethe and I work at Richmond Public Library in Richmond, BC, Canada. We use P5 a lot for our code clubs (kids’ code club, teen code club, and adult code club) and are working to use it in our wall displays and other digital literacy classes. We’re looking forward to hosting a PCD in the library.


Hello! My name is Andrew Bernstein and I am a musician and artist in Baltimore where I teach in the MA in Digital Arts and MFA in Art & Technology at Goucher College. I’ve used Processing and p5.js a lot in my work, and I teach it to my students at Goucher. Goucher is where I will be hosting our PCD event, in collaboration with faculty from the department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

We are still in the early stages of planning, but I’d like to host a beginner-friendly workshop with p5.js, and try to attract other artists, designers, and creative technologists in the Baltimore area to give short talks about their work. I’m most interested in bringing the creative coding community of Baltimore together.

I’m surprised that there are no other events in Baltimore or Washington D.C. If anyone knows people in the area that would be interested in collaborating on this event, please send them my way!



Hi Andrew, someone in Washington DC just registered - see map :slight_smile:


Hi !

I’m Anas from Tunis, and we plan to organize a PCD with the FanTeK team http://www.fantek.tn. It will be mostly an event to give beginner Workshops, to make Processing better known in Tunisia and to gather its community.



Looking for a gallery of cool Processing and p5.js examples to showcase Processing and Creative Coding

I made a post here, if you have some idea please share



Hi everyone! I am new here. I have an experience in Android and now I want to contribute in “Processing for Android”. Can anyone help me telling how to start contributing?


Hello everyone:
My name is Pedro Amado, and I am a Digital Media & Graphic Design teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. I am planning to organized this event here at the school to promote P5’s use among designers and artists.

Here’s the thread on our city: Processing Community Day @ Porto
Hope to see you here.

Best regards,


Hi @neer17, this thread is specifically for people who are participating in the Processing Community Day. I’m guessing you might want to take a look at the Processing Android category and ask a question there?


My name is Jonas Johansson and I will be hosting PCD in Stockholm. We will together talk about Art + Code and work on an Open Call, making animations for the Harpa concert hall in Reykjavik.

Would be cool if others joined, see more at www.tinymassive.io and more about me here: www.jonasjohansson.se.

Besides Processing we will also have workshops / talks on TouchDesigner and AV-related tools and thoughts in general.


Hi @xinxin, maybe I missed information but is there a guideline how to host our PCD website? We are planning to use github pages if there is no option provided, but is there an option to host it under day.processing.org?


Hello! I am a graphic designer from Brazil, I love to learn and teach new things, and i’ve taught workshops about Processing and creative coding for beginners. I also work with video editing, motion graphics, web design, logo design and related things. I want to be an organizer of the PCD @ Santa Maria, RS, Brazil.


Oi Bruno,

Sou Designer de Interação e Creative Coder nas horas vagas :wink: Estou aqui em SC, bem pertinho de Vacarias-RS. Precisando de ajuda na organização do evento, é só dar alô.