Processing Community Day @ Porto

Hello everyone!
My name is Pedro Amado, I am a professor of digital media design (in lack of a better definition) at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (FBAUP). I’m planning on organizing a community day in Porto, Portugal.

Date: Wednesday 6, or Thursday 14 of February;
Venue: FBAUP (or a nearby, downtown venue—anyone?);
Participants: mainly targeted at art & design students. Non-exclusive of course;
Registration: free, but mandatory (to plan the venue logistics);
Activities: Introductory workshop (-2h30m), short break for a print & interactive work showcase (a call is to be announced among students & community, 30m), Guest lecture from an invited speaker, final presentation of workshop results;
Organizing team: myself and a few fellow professors (eg. André R.,Tiago A., Miguel C., to be confirmed) and hopefully some tech support and coding guidance from our IT Technician — João R. :wink:
Partners: We’re on the lookout and will be reaching out for [open]labs and associations to come and join us and help promote this
Support and Sponsors: We need financial/goods support. Especially to provide small coffee break (some juices and cookies?), to print the artworks in a decent paper/support, to offer a prize to the best artwork or workshop result? We’ll be reaching out to potential partners. If you know or are interested in supporting this event please contact me.

This is a first draft, of course. We’ll be discussing this further down the road (december onwards).
You can find our details and contacts here:
Feel free to join us.