PCD @ Worldwide


Hi @micuat, this question had come up before and the organizing team had decided that we currently don’t have the capacity to host PCD @ WW websites. The best way to proceed is adding a link to PCD @ Tokyo’s website to the WW map.


@xinxin here is the pcd@aarhus logo: https://www.pcdaarhus.net/static/images/pcdLogo2.png

PCD@aarhus node will be taken place at a public library called DOKK1, and the date will be on 9 Feb 2019. Here is the website: https://www.pcdaarhus.net/



Wonderful! Thank you for sharing @siusoon. Is there a deadline for the open call?


Hi! My name is Kai Curtis, and I’m a developer at Substantial in Seattle, WA. Since I don’t see a PCD scheduled to happen out here, I’d love to offer to host one. I don’t have any particular ideas in mind at the moment—I admit that I’ve been spending more time with Touchdesigner lately when it comes to the art+code explorations—but I’d like to get together with others in the local community and maybe offer a peak in to what’s possible for people who haven’t considered it before. (I do a lot of work with Ada Developers Academy out here, and it’s important to me to make sure the students in the program see that there’s more to coding than developing web apps and swearing at git.)


Funny exercises

Beside de nice suggestions of the PCD organizer’s kit, what really simple exercices would you recommande to catch the beginers attention in a very simple way ? The 10PRINT is a must but we might need other tricks :slight_smile:

Personnaly I often do some “magic pens” sketches, Where we draw on the screen, without background() refresh, and having the “brush” changing size, color and shape according to mouseX & mouseY

Care to share some of your tricks with us ?