One of my Games in JS

I own now a Website:
the game( DVL) Labor VII is now playable using javascript.
the buttons dont work but it is possible to play.
iim not have many expeience with js. but i need the skill for my following projects.

click on 2th. 4th. 6th. card on the map border to drag the cards.
then move the player with wasd and y stay.
you have to be the only player on map to win, just collekt the enemys
at this time there is no anemy ai.


I used a skript runing my Java pde as a Javaskript programm on my homepage. its dificuld because its a matter incombatibilitys. but now i have one Labor VII labyrinth game for Mouse users and one for Touch screens.
And this is my first Browser based Smart phone game using Processing.
at first you can rotade the card of the activ Pirat. then tip a the on any second kard on the border… to move the Player tip in the middle of the map and tip on the neborfild(or wipe) in the direktion the pirate should move. tip outer the map to end your turn. the goal is stay alone at the map.
The native java for Android works better bekause the bouttons of my javascript game a broken. so please dont use them. i try to make more of my games smart phone ready in the next weeks. but Labor VII weblab will be the only game for a longer time i made for browsers.

my games i host at the the new smart phone games is not well tested.

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