My first two P3 Games(Java)

I read about Processing at “ MAKE”.
now i love this strange kind of java processing.

after my first experience with processing i tried to find some “more Professionell” compiler.
but i do not find a language i realy like.

my first coding expirieces i got in the late 90th with c++.
i dont code for a long period of time.

The first code i wrote with p3 was “Tuerme von Hanoi”.
The second one will be a labyrint game. its unfinished. But it can be used as a puzzle game.
just click at any second square left or upside.

the “game saves” in both game are png pictures and can be edited(even with windows paint).
this link contains
26.01 KB
27.94 KB

just copy and Paste in the Processing 3 compiler, may read before.

maybe i should look for a more professionell file server, but its so simple to use…

Hi, thanks for sharing your work.

Instead of using workupload, you can use GitHub or directly copy paste your code here: there is a format button for the code that you paste.

I quickly tried both of your game and I can see that you put lots of effort in it!
There is one thing that really annoys me and prevents me to enjoy your work: it is the lack of responsiveness of the programs. It is because you set a really low framerate. It would be way more enjoyable if you could figure out a way to let the framerate at the maximum!

Hope to see some improved version :smiley:

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Thx for your respond.
The framerate is easy to change,
but its seems is not such easy because,
i have with the same framerate to fast and to slow sytems.
and the dynamic dont feel good.
the first lines of Hanoi

void setup() {
size(650, 700);

maybe just cange


to 15.
higher values make flicker the activ button rapidly.

maybe i tray some "delay"s.
or do somthing like “on mouse butten up”…
actualy there is a matter wenn an “Tower” is aktiv and then load a savegame.
because the selected “Stone” values keep in memory. and put the “Stone” from the aktivated tower on another Tower if clicked.

I have the nice oppotunity to Code
at my Workplace on my own.
as long there is no realy importend work.

and we have a very poor internet connection.
i cant load the android sdk.
i wish to make a port it to android.
and code some Scientific apps for my smartphone.
tomorrow i visit Bremen and download it.

Using delay() is not proper to manage responsiveness in many applications in Processing. If you provide a simple sketch demonstrating the problem, any forum goer here could provide you suggestions.


At first now i have a GitHub Account.
The Games are now GPL 3.0.

Last night i code a few improvements to Labor VII.
It will be a longer project with several branches.

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I now use Processing while 3 months.
I presented the Hanoi and Labor VII game in a very early development state.
Labor VII is in a Playable version at github.
Hanoi is very useable.
but i have a powerfull PC and no android smartfone.
i dont know the behavior of other PC.
a next Step will be localisation English and german.
i have serios problems with my “typos” and i dont want a google translation.
i want to improve the game play.
i make a Pure “Labor VII” with essential functions for Strategie fans.
and a version with more stuff like “magic” and such.
the aktuell version of labor VII is with more then essentill stuff
such as a crasy dice and invisible life points and spell buttons.

its GNU GPL V3 software.
and the manual is german only at this time.
but now i have 4 weeks of vacation until new year i will use this time.

a short manual
pick a stone by mouse:
Hanoi click the pink base stone. he will change to green, then
set the stone:
click another pink basestone.
if on mouse over it apperes red the target is to small.

Labor is more complex
the Aktive Pirat:
first Karte:
by clicking the mapfild piece the pirat got, it rotates by 90° steps
then klick in any 2. map field at the map border 2. piece 4. piece 6. piece

dont get anoyd by traying the button some of them suck life energie this harms.
stay with y could help your pirate.

w^ a< s> dv controle the movement of the pirat
after draging the map piece .
you got the games at github as before:

may the 4th…
greets Jan