Cervolab - multilevel maze game p5.play.js

Hello, I’m learning to code some html/javascript to create little web-games. So I just made my first steps creating this little game in javascript using p5.play.js. It can be runned on your browser following this link :


I made a folder on github too (here https://github.com/Codnpix/cervolab) to share the code but I couldn’t upload the subfolders for the other levels… So there is only the files of one out of six levels but they are all made on the same model.

I’m open to any remark :).

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You can easily drag & drop whole folders into a GitHub repo.

If the size limit for 1 drag’n’drop is reached, you can try out drag’n’drop 1 folder at a time.

This is a repo I did just that: :joy_cat:

Ok thanks ! I didn’t find at first how to create subfolders (this helped me to understand too).
Anyway, the full project is uploaded on my github now :slight_smile: .

Nice work with your game @codnpix !
I never tried p5.play.js. was it helpful ?
I also started making game using p5 recently, you can check theme here. tell me what you think !

I also did this one with processing

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Yes p5.play was very helpful to me, for collision or bouncing stuffs for example it’s really great ! But I didn’t explore much more js libraries so I can’t really compare with anything … Anyway I found it very handy ad intuitive, and there is a lot of very useful examples for learning.
The “asteroid” example helped me for the behavior of the car. For the bouncing questions I found some helpful things too but it took me quite a while to understand how to use the mass and friction properties of the sprites. I didn’t need it for the 5 first levels, but in the secret level where the bouncing question is a little more elaborated…
Anyway, it seems to work fine finally !

You’re work with p5 seems really great, the first one is very fluid. I did’nt imagine that we could do such of things with only javascript ! It reminds a lot of Torus Trooper, is it based on it (I saw you named Kenta Cho) ?
I was not sure if the questions asked along the game have an influence of the behavior of the game… Does it ?
The maze looks cool too, and the design is crazy ^^, creepy/childish/psychedelic :):blush:

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Hey Colin!

Nice work on 191! Very creative way to draw a tunnel without WEBGL, I will have to take a closer look into your code to figure it out. Anyway, I think it would be cool to start some sort of games thread so we can have more feedback on the games we make with Processing/P5 :slight_smile:

@codnpix Very cool game as well! Did you make your own sprites? The levels looked nice even while it was a simple game :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links !
I have to play your game again because I didn’t find the secret level you mentioned.

It was originally inspired by the novel “Crash” by Ballard, but I can’t imagine making a speedy game with spaceships without thinking about Kenta Cho ! And yes there is absolutely no relation between the questions and the game.
I’m actually doing a sort of sequel of the maze game ‘the attic’s a dungeon’ where the user will be able draw the assets himself from an A4 sheet, very happy with the result so far :smiley:

Thanks !

What a great idea ! Do you make games yourself ?

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Thank you :)!
Yes I created all the visual elements with GIMP. And the music with LMMS. It’s a project I made in complement with a comic project wich is my main activity, but I really enjoyed myself a lot doing that so I think I’m going to persevere !

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It’s hidden in the 5th level, there is a sort of secret path to the entry to find ;).

Looks like a great idea !

I’ve been trying to run your game The Attic’s a Dungeon on my computer from the source code on Processing but I can’t run the sketch, I seem to have a complicated-to-solve sound configuration problem…
Anyway, is there another way to run it on a linux system ? I’m curious to try it :).

Did you install the sound library ?

Yes, there was a first error because the sound library was missing so I did install it, but now it remains an error due to a PCM device hw:0,3 or something… I think I don’t know enough to fix this… The first screen appears and it crash after 1 or 2 seconds… :confused:

Oh, now I remember reading that there were a sound issue on linux with processing :slightly_frowning_face: That was the reason I didn’t make a linux build. You can still remove the sound by putting in comment what’s in the playMusic() function :thinking:

I do, mostly little prototypes though, nothing too impressive. I will be on vacation soon though and I have some good ideas for some games I’d like to make :slight_smile:

Done. But it still returns the same error… too bad. I think I must edit a sound configuration file. I’m not very aware of all that, I will stick myself to it when I find the courage :slight_smile: !

Cool! I’m not really an artist but I have LMMS too so I definitely want to get into making music :slight_smile: I noticed the french in your game, where are you from? I lived in France for most of my life but my parents are American so I speak both languages. I will be heading back there to study Computer Science hopefully :slight_smile:

I’m french, i live in St Etienne. I hesitated to put the instructions in english for more universality, but the game goes with a comic project and most of the readers are going to be francophone, so …

Good luck with the study project :slight_smile:!

Ah ah, we’re all french. Keep me in touch if any of you go to Paris someday !

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Thats so funny! I’m trying to go to ecole 42 in Paris actually!