News from my Processing games

My Pizza simulator now have some Animals for Pork(Schinken). 2 sensles Linemans movin around, some of my games are startet to make it useabele via android smartfone using touchscreen.
there is realy need a description how to use them.

an i found a script to run the pocessing java as javaacript. but the only game i can run is Dvl
the button dont work but is basicly playabele
at he bottom of the side is the version for smartfones or mouse gesticures.
wipe from the middle square to the nabour spuare in the direktion the player sholuld move.
but first tip the side quare to drag the card.
wipe from the middle to outside the map to stay the player.

for my snake clone for android. the left, botom, right control the x,y,z axis of the qube. the upper border controls the senivity of this.

to control the snake tip up down left rigt , and upper left and down right bit not near the border

its all very experimental.

my Piratenkarte dvl edit now can load riddles from a webspace given in list.txt.

here is my updated collection of Pocessing stuff (GNU GPL)

i start make case senstive bouttons for left and right clicks (hanoi & DVL).
i try to use this to make a light calulater mabe X^2 left x^3 right or ( left and ) right click

i lag many howtos even my gramma ist poor and my limeted spare time