Old Processing version for Mac OS9?

Hi all, I am relatively new to Processing, but see evidence that early versions ran on MacOS9 but I could not find binaries anywhere on the web and some threads that say it’s not on archive.org - anyone know if the binaries still exist and can be made available for experimental and archival purposes? Thank you!

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Sounds like an exciting project! I’m not sure about processing but I found Design By Numbers is still downloadable here

Hi @micuat,

Nice discovery, is Design By Numbers the ancestor of Processing from the MIT? :yum:

Yes Design By Numbers - Wikipedia

Quite an interesting story behind it that John Maeda didn’t encourage Ben and Casey to develop a tool on their own, but that turned into what we use :slight_smile:

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Yeah but it seems they gave up on supporting it quite early https://forum.processing.org/alpha/board_Collaboration_action_display_num_1059169532.html. Back in those day P3D was not emulated not OpenGL.