Processing versions

Hello, I´m looking for processing old versions, I have an old macbook pro and the last version of Processing is not running. Does anyone know if it is possible to get one of these old versions?

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has the new release and the prior, so called “Stable Releases”
not understand, where you get your version from??

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I installed a version long time ago, then uninstalled it, and now no one works. My computer is prehistoric: version 10.7.5

Thank you, very good repository but I need an older version :cold_sweat: My computer is prehistoric: version 10.7.5

your computer / OS is from 2011

my old computer cpu 2009 / use win 7 also 2011
but can run the latest processing version.

also not understand, the link @GoToLoop give you has a NEXT button and give you all releases ever published…
but you should only use the stable release i linked you to.


Thank you! i didnt see the next button!!!:joy: hahaha