New Project Idea, Need your feedback

I am a GSoC aspirant and I would like to work on a new project idea, which is an android app which automates building of APK on android phone without any internet connection. I have been researching on creation of APK and gradle working for a long time. I have implemented many prototypes of working of android build tools on android(will mention in my GSoC proposal). Basically there are four main stages of apk creation which are- resource merging, compiling, dex generation and apk building and signing. I am going to implement all these functionalities in my android app. I wish to spend my summer creating an android app to design and create apps, which includes a drag and drop design view(one of my prototype- ). I firmly believe that I am the right candidate to work on this technology, working for Processing foundation within the respected GSoC time period. I would like to know your views about my project. Also I would like to know about the chances of my proposal for getting accepted.

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Late response because I missed this post. If I do understand it well, this app will write the code for the views somewhat simular as the App UI Designer does, from the AIDE developer. ( both on Play Store). I think that would be a tremendously good idea. Especially in conjunction with the APDE app.
What will it generate? An independent code for views that will be removed as soon as they are dismissed? Or will it be completed to the FrameLayout of the sketch?

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Hi @noel , I think its too late to apply as GSoC deadline has passed for students. I didn’t got any review that time. I wanted some GSoC mentors reviews of Processing foundation. According to your question, You are right, I intended to create the app with functionalities similar to AIDE and APDE but much more advanced features which are not available currently. Are you a GSoC mentor?
Thanks for your response!
Rupesh Kumar

No, I think the mentor is @saberkhan see here
It"s a pity if you won’t finish it.
But if so, is the code public?

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I will complete the code and make it open source soon.
Meanwhile you can get connected to me here at LinkedIn for further updates
Thanks for your interest @noel

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