GSoC '21 Query for Processing on Android

The project under Processing for Android in the project list is the same as that of the previous year. Is this a continuation of last year’s project or should it be started from scratch? Any help from mentors will be appreciated.

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@sarahlensing As a possible mentor, can you please confirm?

Hi @Abhinavtdk project ideas for Android were updated some where around 4 days back in the main project list.

But I will suggest you to continuously check the Project list as it may get update with other potential ideas.

Regarding your Question- Yes, we also have last years project in Project list but it is updated now. Last year a GSoC student implemented android-mode(core, mode, AR, VR libraries for processing-android) in Kotlin and upgraded the built system to Kotlin DSL as well. Now we are looking forward to make it as multipltform library supporting sketches on iOS as well with same common kotlin interface

Last years student GSoC report - Medium/GSoC-report

For more detail regarding potential processing for android Ideas visit here - project-list/processing-for-android

PS: you can always write a proposal for your own idea also, you can suggest new ideas that you have for processing as Library !

You can tag me in your next post for proposal review !

If you have any other question I would love to answer that !

Aditya Rana

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