Processing Foundation has been accepted into GSOC 2020

Hi everyone,
Good news. Processing has been accepted into Google Summer of Code 2020 - Students can apply from March 16 thru March 31. If you are interested the Project List is here - Good luck. Reach out if you have questions. I’ll do my best to answer.


First of all, congratilations to the foundation.
And, there’s a link of the slack channel, how do I join that?
Thanks and regards.

Congrats :star_struck:

@saberkhan I advertised this on PCD_Tokyo twitter - and I’m happy to help as a mentor if there’s any project with Japanese translation (it seem’s there’s already someone from Japan interested in it) - or documentation in general (en/ja), sound stuff (e.g., p5.sound and AudioWorklet), etc. Let me know if there is anything that I can help!


Not sure what Slack you mean. We have one that we run in the summer with the mentors and students in the program.

Yes, I am talking about that only. How do I join that workspace, it’s link is given in the gsoc page of Processing foundation.

You can’t right now. It is inactive till the summer when it will include accepted students and mentors.

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Oh, I apologise. I thought that we could join it as of now. Thanks for letting me know.
If someone has to discuss ideas related to GSOC, then they have to do it on this platform only?

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Hi everyone, I’m Takuto Toida. Please call me toitoi.
I’m an undergraduate student in Japan, and major in EDSL.
And, I’m interested in creative coding.
I wanna participate in Japanese translation.

Thanks and regards.