Neurodiverse curriculum


A friend just asked me about coding programs for children with autism. We don’t offer one locally (small town Texas) so I’m doing a little research to see what’s out there. Does anybody know of a coding curriculum and/or program designed to serve learners with a broader set of neurotypes (dyslexia, ADHD, autism, etc.)?



maybe ask this guy: JavaScript coding course / curriculum feedback


Hello there,

I know this is not specific to learners who are neurodiverse but it may be helpful ressource for beginners which is playful and well structured.

I would also encourage to spark the idea with @saberkhan who is the the education lead at the processing foundation (and is a kind and helpful person also). Perhaps he knows of other ressources.

If not this would be a great thing we can build for future coders. I have ADHD and it took me a long time to learn Processing but it has also been a helpful aid in learning to plan and sequence actions in my life in general.

Wishing you and your students well!

Here is another link which may be of interest to augment your own teaching: