JavaScript coding course / curriculum feedback

Dear coding educators / teachers,

I started working on a new illustrated coding course/curriculum for JavaScript (slide deck style).

I’m about 30% into the project … and would like your feedback.

:point_right: Please see below the first lessons:

If you get the chance to download and review the file, please let me know your opinion/feedback.

Do you see yourself using something like this for your coding class?

Also – please leave a comment if you want me to notify you when the course is ready.

Thank you,


Fantastic and funny work!


I think it is a good tutorial. The only flaw I see is that it is presented as a “javascript course”, but many of the “built-in” instructions are not javascript built-in instructions, but library ones.

That was the main flaw of BASIC tutorials when I learnt BASIC as a child, indeed.

Good job.

Looks great so far. Your examples always include fun-looking images and the coding is relevant to young as well as older students.

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It’s very good already! But I see a potential problem w/ using println() instead of print().

p5*js used println() in the beginning for Processing compatibility.
But it’s been a while they’ve swapped it to just print().

Actually they’ve completely removed println() from the library.
But I think it’d be a good idea for you to keep println() around as an alias though.

Perhaps he could use some footnote to explain that at some point.