Creative Coding for Kids


I want to introduce you a great book named “Creative Coding for Kids”.
The book is based for teaching beginners coding via creative coding using Processing API.

Tariq Rashid, the author of the book, put a lot of thought into the nice examples included in the book. He was also very nice to share a FREE edition of the book with users.

You can download the free PDF from here:

I hope you like it!



I started to scan through the modules on your site and they look quite interesting! Will go back and look some more when I have time.
Kind of like a codeacademy for kids! Love this idea!


Thanks so much, @codeguppy. Wonderful to see the site – and thank you for sharing the book!

I believe that Tariq Rashid was also one of the co-organizers of PCD@London 2018. Dan Shiffman also used “Make Your Own Neural Networks” as the basis for a Neural Networks Coding Train Video.