Creative Coding for Kids - A structured course for young coders and beginners

Hi processing community,

I want to share with you a free course / book in PDF format written by Tariq Rashid. Tariq was kind enough to have his course adapted for users as well.

Direct download

The course if for absolute beginners… but even more advanced users will find nice things inside. For instance, check out the effect of these JavaScript programs included in the course:

Note: You don’t need to type-in the programs. The course includes links to online playgrounds for most of the programs!

Happy coding!

P.S. If you like this, you may find also useful author’s youtube channel:


Wow nice work! :wink:

Is it for learning purposes that you “simplify” or create new helper functions like ? :

randomNumber(-10, 10);
repeat(20, bubble);
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Thanks for the nice words. In the case of the nice book, the credits goes to Tariq Rashid - the author of the book.