GSoC 2019 : Idea Selection


I am a Abhishek, a Computer Science and Engineering student from Indian Institute of Information Technology Kottayam. I would love to participate in GSoC. I can contribute to the following ideas :

  1. Update p5.js library to ES6 [p5.js] - I am familiar with the p5 library and am sure that I will be able to do the port.

  2. Internationalization improvements [p5.js] - My first language is Hindi which has 4th highest number of native speakers (Wikipedia). I would like to add ‘Hindi’ as a language in p5.js website.

  3. Mobile/Responsive Design Implementation [p5.js Web Editor] - I would love to implement the responsive version of p5.js web editor.

Question 1 : Should I start writing the code for the above mentioned ideas from now ?
Question 2 : If I feel that I can contribute to more than one idea with equal comfort then what should be done ?


Looking forward to working with Processing

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Hi @abhieshekumar! Thanks for your interest.

For idea 1, we’ve decided to remove the port to ES6 from the GSoC project list because it’s a little too big in scope.

For the other two, it’s ok to submit two separate proposals—I did this one year when I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work on mobile or web gl for p5.js.

You do not need to start writing code now to be considered for the program. A good proposal will include a detailed timeline of tasks, so skimming the codebase can help you write a more accurate timeline.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you, @kjhollen