Game Jam entries

Hi, I’ve been participating in game jams and using Processing 3.

Here’s my latest submission(

There was a processing specific game jam on itch,io just yesterday. I usually work solo on these, if anyone wants to team up for a future jam that’d be great!

It’s a shame I can’t post these nice animated gifs I made to showcase the games in this GALLERY.


Making a habit of this, after the voting for the game jams is over I clean up the messy rushed jam code and publish the source under MIT license.


Another fortnight, another game jam.

This time the rules were to graphically only use a provided sprite and tile sheet.

I made a map editor and paid homage to the first couple levels of super mario bros

I’ll add the source code here when the voting is done/code is cleaned up


Cool stuff @lmccandless! I will be working on a Processing game soon as well, but right now, I have finals to deal with :confused:

Feels so nice to kill those enemies in Eplodidungeon!