Modifying Project Sentry Gun (PSG) to Detect Fires

Hello all, I’m a high school student working on a project for the New York City Science and Engineering Fair. My partner and I have created a device that can track fires and extinguish them using water. The software driving it all is called Project Sentry Gun, but it hasn’t been updated for a while (it still runs on processing 1.5.1 ) and doesn’t perform as well as we’d like. We’re currently just using basic color detection with OpenCV (stock system included in the software), but want to include some sort of more advanced detection system, that still allows the software to position the turret correctly.

The project home page can be found here, and the github page can be found here. The processing script can be found in the Processing/PSG_Processing_Code folder.

So yeah, I’ll keep playing around with the code, but neither of us are computer scientists, we’re mechanical engineers, so this stuff is really new for us. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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