Visualize cannon firing (launch vehicle) simulation

As I said before, I have to use processing to create project that visualizes and introduces concepts and various examples of math and science. The idea that I’m thinking about is that if you shoot a cannon from a cannon like the Fortress game, it’s going to be like a cannon ball flying in consideration of gravity, air resistance, etc.
Do you think my idea is suitable for the task I have? :thinking:
If you think it’s appropriate, does anyone have a code? Thank you.
(I am sorry that I am wrong in English grammar.:roll_eyes:

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good idea,
you use 12 days to come up with that idea for your homework?
you got the physics math already in processing?
or you already can show some code, you need help with?

i mean, we are not allowed to post full code for students homework,
also i not see why we should spend more time ( see Anyone have a good idea? Math and Science )
to google for you.

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it is not appropriate to give you code for your project if you are asked to write the code.
You need to start working on this and then ask for help if you require it.

You must decide this.
I showed resources and I did a similar project from those resources:

Start writing some code and make your vision a reality.
You will learn as you progress on this project.

Start by plotting simple projectile motion and build on that:



Depending on your age / context where this homework has been given (school or university?) I would say this goal of a cannonball is too easy. Air resistance doesn’t play a role here.
You could make it harder though eg when a different planet can be selected.

This isn’t related to the code/project, but your english is pretty good.:grin:

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