New here and in need of help!

Hello to whomever might read this. I am a coder and have been for 40 years of coding experience but mostly programs written on my own. I love to work in the processing language but I do have my limits which is why I am here - for some help.

On my personal existence - I live just north of San Francisco. I am in the middle of Corona Virus activity - dead center you might say. I have a medical condition which has been diagnosed by UCSF and Stanford as auto-inflammation. This genetic condition means that if I do the contract corona virus, which is as near as a neighbor across my street, the virus will very probably kill me - I have no doubt and my doctors feel the same way.

So am living a very difficult, day to day life, and coding helps me relax - as long as the code does what I want. I am working on a problem of building a weather station based on relatively low cost sensors tied to multiple processor boards all called by processing for serial information in sequence.

At this point, thanks to another member’s work here who I will name later, I am able to collect sensor data from two Arduino boards (com 4 and com 17 in my case) sequentially and use the data from both boards in a graphic display of the sensor processing graphics code.

My background is a degree in computer science and 40 years of experience in design and development of nuclear beam technology. I have worked in Berkeley and “silicone valley” for all of my work experience. I tend to specialize in the extreme details of analog to digital conversion.

My coding in “Processing” is a little crude and my work, presently with arrays, is in serious need of assistance. I see there are some very talented people here so some help could be extremely useful. Once my DIY weather station, with sensors including inside home air quality, is complete I will be sharing ALL INFORMATION as open source public information. I will probably develop a website showing the details of both the sensors and the code to read them.

I would share my code here but it is so crude I prefer to keep much of it to myself - I am shy in this group of such powerful coding experienced people.

See you soon,


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Thank you for your words.

We feel with you. Be cautious.

Your project sounds very interesting!



Thank you for comments. As for Corona-virus, I am in complete isolation and do not leave my property for any reason.

My project got a lot better last night at 3AM when I struggled with an array and got it to read data to a temperature graph using Processing. Very high quality weather sensors are available for low costs. As an example a temperature/humidity sensor breakout board called an SHT31D sensor is easily available and the same used in the Davis $1100.00 weather station. The sensor is less than $10.

I am testing the sensor now and it is extremely good even with humidity over 95%. And temperature is accurate to +/- 0.5 degrees F. The sensor is a 4 wire hookup using I2d.

I will try to find a forum that is a good fit for me.

Thank you Chris!!!


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Hey Steve,

did you come up with a processing sketch?

Do you mind sharing it?

Do you represent it graphically?

You could also calc average temperature per day and week and display those as a bar graph.

Warmest regards


Hello Chrisir,


I am in the process of cleaning up my full code. Yes, it is weather data summarized in a window with temp, hum, etc as numbers combined with a detailed graph of temperature.

Two Arduino boards read at one time, 7 sensors so far.

I am cleaning up my code – it is a very early version and the code is sloppy. I do not want to make my entrance to the group, with sloppy and redundant code. I do have need to do such things as this:

//-------begin n timing if------------






//------end if--------------

but not in these colors…

I also have a massive number of global variables which I will convert to function, local - in time.

These details and structures are necessary for my own edification of the {} bracket sets using nested if/for/while sets. I know it is a bit old fashioned.

I have broken the program into four functions so far. I have difficult questions and some serious problems with the temp graph timing.

I will send a screen grab to you sometime after this email. I want to make sure it gets past your spam filters by letting you know the full screen size will be my second email.

(I will send some of the code also)

I am very happy to share with the forum – just shy – some (most) high level forums have “dominant males or females” trying to control and intimidate. I have been in several technical forums (advanced optics, seismology, astrophotography, historical ship models etc.) and inevitably there are showoffs on the attack just for the sport of it.

By the way…here is my website on a ship model I am working on:

Thank you for asking…I am close…I will give this a very serious try with the processing forum…

Steve Luce


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The screen grab is attached, here is part f my present code”

Pleas note – some of this code concerning the use of multiple com port reads is barrowed from one of the forum membered who I will give glowing thanks to…

some of my code…

BY-THE-WAY…my temperature is 4.5 times my expected amplitude to make sure my temp sensor is working. It is NOT calibrated to the graphic chart.


It looks awesome.

maybe use map() - see reference


This is Steve with my weather project – I attempted to get in to give and update but -

I can not get in or even re-register…I saw the note that the site is under revision – I will try again later.

I quick note would help on the registration page and/or the red rejection of a sign-in attempt.



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What note? Where did you see that? Was that this forum – ?

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I was not complaining just adding a suggestion. But my note was not written well.

Monday Morning I tried to login but got rejected. This was my first try to login. I tried a number of times but the login just failed – big note saying account unknown or something like that. I then tried to change my password thinking I had made a mistake but that was rejected also and no email to get a new password.

So…after about 45 minutes trying to get in I sent a note to Chris suggesting that during a kind of “lock-out” at login during a site revision, it would have helped if I had gotten a note on the login page that the site was being revised instead of the “user name unknown message”.

I meant no disrespect – just a little frustrated with my first login.

I’m not upset, no offense taken at all – didn’t find it disrespectful. I’m just trying to figure out what is going on – none of our other users has mentioned a login problem, and I don’t see any downtime in the site logs. If there were changes to the site, I don’t know about them (although I suppose there could have been).

So you sent the note to Chrisir after you were able to log in again?

If you go back in your browser history and look at that Monday morning, is it possible that you were trying to log in to a different url by mistake? There are a number of related processing sites that aren’t the discourse.processing forum –,, etc. Just brainstorming what your problem might have been.

Ah, I see – you used reply by email. Are you able to log in now?