Parametric project for 3D printing

Hello every ones ! I’m new to this forum, and I moved in to share something with you.
I’m a young product designer and maker, and I felt in love with supershapes and 3D printing.

I wrote this code wich is part of a larger concept I called “Hulled”, wich is an open source products projets. I generate shells then I build products in it, that doesnt need any tools or screws or whatever !

The code is a bit long and may be messy as i’m not a dev, but it works haha ! I’m sharing the GITHUB link so it would be easier for everyone to have a look, because it is a bit long !

I’ll be happy to get some help and feedback to improve this, as I’m doing this alone until now.
For the splitted shells, i usually modify it on another software as I was not able to create directly a thickness. Also if anyone have any idea’s, or want to spend time with me thinking about what we could do, do not hesitate !

Thanks alot.


Very nice!

I got an error; “No library found for nervoussystem.obj”. To see if there were other missing imports, I simply commented it out and then it worked :slight_smile:

At least apparently. Maybe something was off with the GUI, as there were no spheres below the text at the start, but there was one above it that was clickable.

Hello Raron ! Do you have installed all the library used for this code in your procesing IDE ?

I used :

  • ControlP5 ( for the sliders )
  • Peasycam ( for camera obviously )
  • Toxiclibs ( for 3D geometry)
  • NervousSystem ( for 3D export )

Make sure they are all installed !

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

I had all those libraries except for “NervousSystem”. But it was just a short websearch away:
Github page

Simply extracting it into Processing’s “libraries” folder worked. I could not see it in the “Contribution Manager” library tab.