Combining image with smoke particle code

Hi everyone.

Newbie here. I am just trying to combine Dan’s smoke particle code with the image upload (from data folder) code. Have a picture of a friend camping and just want to addd some from the campfire:)

Please help if you can!


Which part of this is giving you trouble? Can you post what you have so far?

The best advice I can give you is to break your problem down into smaller steps and take those problems on one at a time.

For example, can you write a simple sketch that just shows the image? Now can you draw a single ellipse on top of the image? From there, can you make the ellipse move? Work your way forward in small steps like that.\

Good luck!


Here is my code. Still don’t know what the problem is :frowning:

Just trying to combine two basic examples.

You say that, but there is no code in your post…